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The Mars Polar Lander

The @stro object for the week of 12/06/1999

image of the Mars Polar Lander

image courtesy of Lockheed Martin Astronautics

The Mars Polar Lander. The Mars Polar Lander landed on Mars on December 3rd. This planetary probe was to provide a first look at the Martian polar area, a place that no probe has been to before. It was (is?) equipped with many science instruments including a scoop that was to dig into the Martian surface and place soil into a small device that would heat the soil and produce an analysis of water among other things. It also was equipped with a microphone provided by the Planetary Society that was to record and send back the first ever sounds from Mars. Unfortunately, as of the date of this writing it has not yet been heard from and there is a strong chance that the craft is unable to contact Earth for a host of possible reasons.

Editor's note: It is important to note that this kind of science is imperitive as we reach out to touch the stars. I would have rather written about how it was sending great signals back to Earth and the mission was underway, but losses happen. Space is an inhospitable place. The important thing is to learn from the mistakes and get it right next time.

Current information for Mars Polar Lander:
Mission: Exploration of Mars polar area
Launch Date: 1/3/1999
Landing Date: 12/3/1999
Status: Unknown

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