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Goldstone Radio Telescope February 3, 2002. This is your guest pass to check out the NASA's Goldstone Deep Space Communication Complex, located in California. Stop in for the photo album! Click on the telescope!

launch report Up, up and away. October 4, 1999 A modified Minuteman launch on October 2nd was visible thoughout Southern California making for a spectacular view.

article The case for an observatory...dome that is. September 14, 1999: Read Doug Kniffen's comments and perspective on the importance of an observatory for the amateur and domes in particular.

article Mir takes a picture of the August 11, 1999 total solar eclipse - from outer space! August 19,1999

article You know you're a redneck astronomer if... July 09, 1999: Read this fun list of items from sci.astro.amateur in the Jeff Foxworthy tradition.

article To Build or Not to Build...That is the Question! October 28, 1998 (Revised August 1999): Thought about building a scope? Read a little bit of advice for those thinking about taking the plunge into the ATM world.

article Getting your observing trips organized, December 11, 1997: Get the most out of your observing trip with a little preparation and organization.

article Cosmological Distances, 1997: Bruce Jensen gives us some information that might put your little <insert problem here> into perspective!

article Sharing the skies, August 24, 1997: You can probably gain a captive audience of budding observers right outside your front door.

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